The Domestic Violence Institute seeks to eliminate domestic violence and increase awareness of the issue through our Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) classes for the Houston and Pasadena, TX, areas.

Who We Are

Our executive director, Gregory Kyles, is a licensed professional counselor with over 20 years of experience offering different mental health services.

With his expertise, we help male perpetrators gain the tools necessary to recognize and understand their actions and control their behavior in order to live without violence. Our pledge is to do everything in our power to stop domestic violence.

What We Do

The Domestic Violence Institute offers domestic violence classes for the greater Houston area, including Pasadena, TX. Our BIPP classes are aimed to help abusers understand and control their actions so they can live without domestic violence. To assist our clients in accomplishing this, our ongoing group sessions and classes teach how to:

  • Recognize harmful actions
  • Understand the effects of actions on others
  • Relearn thought processes
  • Control behavior

The outcome of our classes and programs is to help clients understand that they have the power to change their behavior and control their actions. Domestic violence is unacceptable and harms everyone involved.

After registering for one of our programs, the potential client meets individually with a group facilitator to evaluate his ability to participate in group sessions and to identify if further evaluation is required.

After the evaluation, the client will attend orientation, followed by ongoing group sessions. Our groups average between 10 to 15 individuals, and attending a minimum of 18 sessions is required for completion.

How to Contact Us

Our programs are suited for those seeking self-help, those following court-mandated referrals, or those referred by concerned family or coworkers. If you are located near Pasadena, TX, or in the greater Houston area, call 281-970-6611 to enroll now.